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1. What is ShopBust?

ShopBust is a very exciting online marketing research platform, which can monetize your lifestyle. It enables you to earn some cash reward to enrich your life just through signing up with and completing surveys.

2. How Does ShopBust Works?

Step 1: Sign up with ShopBust by using your Facebook, Twitter account or email address. Step 2: Apply for assignments that you are interested in. (e.g. Coffee, Burgers, clothing, etc.) Step 3: Go to the store and experience / rate the service and/ or products. Stop 4: Complete a small survey and submit for direct approval and cash rewards.

3. How much does it cost to Join ShopBust?

It is FREE for everybody to join ShopBust as long as you are invited by our webmaster.

4. How to Sign up for a ShopBust Account?

It is easy to sign up for a ShopBust account. To get started, you can choose to sign up either with your Facebook or Twitter account by clicking the "Connect w/ Facebook" or "Connect w/ Twitter" button. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account you can also manually sign up by clicking the "Sign up with your email address" button located on the home page.

5. How to get a ShopBust invite?

ShopBust is currently in private beta mode, so that it may take you some time to receive your invitation and account activation email after you sending the request for invitation. We are working really hard to launch the service to public soon, speeding up the waiting time between invite and account activation.

6. How should I withdraw my money?

ShopBust is currently working with PayPal, therefore, it allows you to instantly withdraw your money from ShopBust to PayPal account. The detailed operation process is described below: Go to "My Account", click "My Wallet" to get access to your "My Wallet" page. Click the "Withdraw" button, followed by enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. You will receive a notification and the money will be paid directly into your PayPal account within 1 week.

7. Can I change my payment account?

Yes, you definitely can. You can do this by editing your "payment preferences" which under "My Account".

8. When will I get paid once I complete an Assignment?

The verification of assignments is usually done within 48 hours. In this time our clients have the option to approve or decline responses. The complete amount of credit will appear into your account directly after the verification is approved.

9. How do I apply for an Assignment?

To apply for an assignment, firstly, you need to log in to by using your ShopBust account, and find an assignment that you are interested. Secondly, click the "more details" button on the right bottom corner to get access to details page. Lastly, tick I agree to the term of use and click "apply" button on the bottom of the page, and then the assignment will be added into you shopping list.

10. How should I complete the Assignment?

To complete the assignment, check your "Shopping List" at the right top corner of the screen and click on any of the assignments. Please note; read the instructions, survey and details carefully (Please take note of whether you need to purchase, take photos, etc.). As incomplete surveys will be rejected by our clients. Then go to the store and experience the service. Once your check is complete fill all questions and submit for approval.

11. How do I check how much money I made?

Login to, click "My Account" at the top right corner, and select "My Wallet", the credit balance will be shown.

12. How do I find my completed Assignments?

Go to my account after logging in to ShopBust, select shopping history, and then click details which attached beside the date. You can browse assignment details such as Job ID, assignment status and fee etc. over there.

13. How do I change my account details?

Go to "My Account", and click "My Profile" to access profile page, you can edit your account information by click "Account Settings".

14. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Have you forgotten your password? Don't worry... Go to log in page, click "Forgot Password?" and fill in your ShopBust account, you will receive a new password through email.

15. I have applied for an assignment which I can't complete. What Should I do?

The assignment will automatically expire if it cannot be completed within the set time frame.

16. I have applied for an assignment which has expired after 48 hours due to Non Completion. What Happens now?

The assignment will automatically expire if it cannot be completed within the set time frame. You need to apply again if possible

17. How do I know if my assignment is approved?

You will receive an approval email to inform you that your assignment is approved including a statement of your earnings.

18. If my assignment is rejected, how should I get more information?

You will receive a notification email if your assignment is rejected, and you can contact ShopBust support centre through for further information. Please include details such as Job ID, assignment ID, and reason for rejection.

19. What is the estimate earning?

Estimate earning is the calculation of cash amount that you have earned or you are going to earn based on both your approved and pending assignments.

20. How do I check my estimate earning?

Go to "My Account", and then click shopping history, the estimate earning details will be shown.

21. How should I check my points?

Go to "My Account" and select "My Profile" to access profile page. Your accumulated points are shown here.

22. Why should I accumulate points?

It can help you gain more benefits by accumulating points such as upgrades to higher levels, higher earnings, eligibility for more assignments, etc.

23. How can I gain more points?

You can achieve accumulating points by completing surveys, answering extra questions or sharing assignments with friends on Twitter or Facebook.





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